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Questions? Please contact the Londonderry Community Secretary: 

Thanks! Message sent.

It’s never been easier to register for soccer, 

by following these 3 simple steps:

Please note all steps are mandatory in order to complete your child’s registration.


A 2018/2019 community membership is required for all players who reside in the city of Edmonton and would like to play for EMSA North. Information regarding Londonderry Community League membership can be found HERE.


Register online for the 2019 Outdoor Season on the EMSA Soccer Portal: CLICK HERE



  • If your child played with EMSA within the past year in a half you will already have an EMSA Soccer portal account, you will just need to login and register your child for the upcoming season.

  • If you forgot your password for the EMSA Soccer Portal please click “Forgot Password”.

  • If your child has not played with EMSA within the past year in a half your will need to create a new account please click “Create Account”

    • If you are creating an account for the first time please note you must first ADD people to your account, then you must REGISTER the added players for the upcoming season. Just ADDING people to your account does not REGISTER them into a soccer program.


For registration Demo Click Here


Due to a lack of volunteers, Londonderry will NOT be hosting an outdoor soccer program for 2019.

This means that there will be no registration dates at the Londonderry Hall. 


To register you must:

  • Attend the registration session of the community you would like to play in OR

  • Go to the ENZSA office (9006 – 132 Avenue). The office is open Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm. 


Please bring the following with you to this session:

  • Copy of the Portal Player registration confirmation (if completed)

  • Community membership card

  • Proof of age for player (AB health care, passport etc.)

  • Proof of address ( a mail piece works)

  • Registration fees – we accept cash, credit & debit only – no Cheques for registration payments

  • Volunteer Deposit Cheque (your volunteer commitment will be with the community your child will be playing for).

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