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The Londonderry Community league is 100% volunteer driven

by people who live in the community of Londonderry / Kildare.

Londonderry Community League got off to a quick start when over 400 citizens met at Balwin junior High School in 1967. The second league meeting at the same location saw league members ratify a constitution and formulate plans for a rink and clubhouse. 

The Londonderry Community League was then incorporated as a society on May 3, 1968. 

A rink complex was established by volunteer workers in October 1968. 

In 1973, Londonderry built at $25,000 hall to accommodate the demand from the large number of youth in the growing community. Over the years, improvements to the hall were steadily carried out. 

Londonderry went through period of trials in the late 1970's. Volunteers were hard to find but there was no decrease in the demand for league programs. At the time, Londonderry had 325 family members, which is no small number, but it was a painful experience to get people to serve in responsible positions. 

The league experienced this again in 2016.

The City of Edmonton was on the verge of taking back the hall when 4 community members stepped forward and agreed to create a new board. Since that time the board has worked to build the league - offering community events and programming. 


The Londonderry Community League is a Society registered with Service Alberta.

The board currently meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month - 6:30 p.m.

(Please be aware that meetings are occasionally cancelled or rescheduled).

The Board does not meet in July or August. 

Community members are welcome to attend OPEN meetings. 

OPEN meetings take place in:

January, March, May, July, September, November. 


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