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Membership is simple!


The Londonderry Community League has a NEW membership system

for the 2024 - 2025 membership year. 

Memberships are still FREE, but will cost a $5 processing fee that will be paid to the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues. 


The new system has A LOT of perks including: 

  •  providing you with an ELECTRONIC membership card that can be added to your google wallet or Apple wallet,

  • allowing you to print a copy of your membership card,

  • adding auto renew so your membership card is always valid! 

(The membership year runs from September 1 to August 31)

The new system will be available through our website on  

August 1, 2024! 

Please Reach out to the Membership Director if:

  • the processing fee will create a financial hardship for you, or discourage you from obtaining a membership card.

  • you have trouble figuring out the new system.

  • you want to go "old school" and get a classic membership card (because that's okay too!). 

Donation Jar

Membership Rates 

  • Family Membership $5 processing fee

  • Individual Membership $5 processing fee

  • Senior Membership is $5 processing fee

  • Associate Membership $15 


Memberships are valid from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. In order to receive your FREE membership, you MUST live within the League's boundaries. 

If you live outside of the league boundaries or outside of Edmonton, you may purchase an associate membership, which allows you to access league programs but does not allow you to vote at league meetings.

To receive an associate membership, you MUST show proof of membership from your home community. 

Happy Kids Huddle

Membership Benefits 

Access to league activities and programs - Free yoga and Free Start to Play

Voting rights at all league meetings

Discounts on annual or multi-visit passes to City of Edmonton Leisure Centres 

25% off regular priced tickets at Jubilation's

Save 10% on home and auto insurance with NFP

20% off at Papa Johns

Discounts on hall rentals

Providing support to your community

Free swimming at local pools

Click HERE for other benefits!


League Boundaries

In order to receive a membership, you must live within the League's boundaries. 

The League is bounded:

  • on the south by 137 Avenue,

  • on the west by 82 Street,

  • on the north by 144 Avenue and

  • on the east by 66 Street.

Individuals living outside these boundaries are eligible to purchase an associate membership.

Please inquire! 

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