Londonderry Community League Bylaws


In these bylaws, and the objects of the Londonderry Community League, unless subject matter or context requires a different interpretation:

a) “the League” shall mean the Londonderry Community League


b) The League shall encompass that portion of the City of Edmonton bounded on 137 Avenue on the North side to 144 Avenue on the South side, and from 66 street on the West side and to 82 Street on the East side, or otherwise as may from time to time be fixed by the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.


c) A “Special Resolution” means a resolution passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of such members in good standing as are present and entitled to vote at a General meeting of which notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution has been duly given.                                                                                                                       


d) Where the masculine gender is used in these bylaws the same shall be construed as including the feminine gender where the context of party referred to so requires.


e) The “Board of Directors” of the League shall consist of its Executive officers and the community chairmen.


f) Where the context so requires, a General Meeting shall include a special General Meeting.



1) Any persons being a resident within the boundaries of the Londonderry Community shall be eligible for membership in the League upon payment of such dues as may be determined by the League from time to time.


2) Any person eligible for membership may purchase a membership under the appropriate membership category as determined by the Board of Directors for the current membership year.                                                                                               


3) A family membership includes 2 adults and all children under the age of 18 living in the same household. Each of the adults are full members of the society.                                                                                           

4) An individual Membership includes one person between the ages of 18 and 64. This person is a full member of the society.                                                                                    


5) All memberships for the designated membership year shall lapse on the 30th day of September for the membership year.                                                                                                                                                       


6) Any person being a resident outside the boundaries of the community shall be eligible for an associate membership in the Londonderry Community League upon their purchase of a membership in their own League or closest to their own residence, with the acceptance by the Board of Directors of the Londonderry Community League.                                             


7) Honorary memberships may be conferred by the Board of Directors upon any household that has one or more persons over the age of 60 years with no children or dependants.            


8) Notwithstanding any of the foregoing provisions, the Board of Directors may suspend a member or household membership for just cause upon the vote of two-thirds or the Board of Directors. Person or persons suspended shall receive an explanation in formal written notice.                                                                                                                                


9) Any member or associate member may withdraw from the League at any time without benefit of membership





10) Membership fees shall be determined by the Board of Directors and approved at a general meeting.




11) The Board of Directors shall cause an Annual General Meeting of the members of the League to be held prior to the 30th day of June each year. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall include:

  a) Presidents Report

  b) Treasurers Report of the Auditor’s statement, whether formal or informal

  c) Committees Report on all activities

  d) Election of executive and board positions as needed


The above reports shall be verbally presented and a written report given to the secretary.                                                                                                           


12) Special General Meetings may be called at any time by the President and shall be called upon receipt by the secretary of the written request therefore signed by not less than 25 members setting forth the reasons for calling such a meeting. A quorum of 15 members, excluding the Board of Directors, must be present at such meetings.                    


13) The Secretary will mail or deliver notice to each Member at least (14) days before the Annual General Meeting. The notice states the place, date and time of the Annual General Meeting. Email is considered a valid way to deliver the



14) (a) A quorum for an Annual General Meeting shall be fifteen persons entitled to vote at such meeting

(b) A quorum for a meeting of the Board of Directors shall be a majority of the members of the Board holding office at such time.                                                          


15) Except during July and August during any year, the Board of Directors shall meet at least once in each month at a date and time mutually acceptable to the Board of Directors; or, more frequently at the call of the President or upon the request of any three members of the Board.                                                                                                            




16) A household membership shall entitle each parent of the family or persons over the age of 18 years to vote at any General meeting.                                                                 


17) Honorary memberships are entitled to vote at any General Meeting.                                        


18) Associate members shall not have any right to vote at any general meeting.


19) Voting at General Meetings may be either by show of hands or by standing vote, or by secret ballot. Votes shall be counted by one member of the Board and one member of the floor and destroyed after the vote.                                                                         


20) If a candidate does not receive a majority of the votes cast at an election on the first ballot, the candidate receiving the least number of votes shall be dropped from the ballot and a further vote shall be taken and so on until one candidate secures a majority of the votes.  


21) A majority of not less than three-fourths shall be required to pass a special resolution by such members who are entitled to vote as are present in person at a General Meeting.            


22) All members of the Community League Executive and Board of Directors shall be entitled to vote at each Community League General Meeting.                              


23) Unless otherwise provided, a motion at any duly constituted meeting of the Board of directors shall be considered passed upon the affirmation vote of the majority or directors present.                                                                                                                  


24) In case of a tie vote on any issue of the Board of Directors, the President only shall be empowered to cast the deciding vote. Only Directors are entitled to vote on Board decisions.                                                                                                                   



25) The rules in “Roberts Rules of Order, Revised” shall govern all meetings in all cases where that are applicable, provided that they are no inconsistent with the bylaws of the League, or with the provisions of The Societies Act.                                               


 26) Persons not eligible to vote may take part in debates or address the meeting with the permission of the executive.                                                                                       


27) Notice of all special resolutions shall be given at the preceding general meeting or Board

of Directors meeting. The general membership shall be notified by mail at least two weeks prior to the general meeting of discussion of the proposed special resolution.                                                                                                              




28) These bylaws may be rescinded, altered, or added to in accordance with The Societies Act being Chapter 315 of the Revised Statues of Alberta and Amendments thereto. 





29) The Board of Directors shall consist of at least four elected members of the League. 



30) Members of the Board of Directors shall hold office for the designated period of election or appointment for two fiscal years. Each Board position has a 2-year commitment staggered across two years as follows:


Even Years: President and Secretary

Odd Years:  Vice President and  Treasurer                                                                                                                                                                                                


31) In the event of vacancies arising on the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors shall have power to fill the said vacancy for the remained of their term of office upon the voted of two-thirds of the remaining elected Board of Directors present at a duly constituted meeting.


32) The Board of Directors of the League shall consist of the elected and/or appointed Executive Officers and Directors.                                                                           


33) The Executive Officers of the League shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer as herein provided. No two (2) members of the same family shall hold Executive positions.                                                                                                                                                 


34) A nominee for the executive office positions must be a Community League Member in good standing for the current membership year and live in the community of Kildare.                                                                                                                                                                                             


35) Nomination for any office shall be made through the nominating committee prior to the Annual General Meeting and/or nominations will be accepted from the floor for the election of the Executive Officers and Board of Directors or by any members of the League at a meeting held for such purpose.                                                              


36) Associate members shall not have the right to hold office.                                   



37) The Board of Directors shall be responsible to the members for the general operation of the League and without restricting the generality of the forgoing shall:


  a)Be empowered to make whatever expenditures are necessary in addition of the approved budget to carry out the activities of the League up to the $1000.00 per fiscal year.                                                                                                     


  b)Undertake whatever means they deem advisable to further the financial position of the League.


  c) Be empowered upon two-thirds vote of the Elected Directors to force the resignation of any Director who, without just cause, is absent from more than two consecutive meetings of the Board of Directors or who fails to satisfactorily perform his/her duties as a Director or fails to act in the best interest of the League.                                                                                                          


  d) Lend necessary assistance in the formation of committees which are from time to time established.


  e) The decisions of the Board of Directors shall be binding on all committees affected by such decisions.                                                                        




38) The Executive Officers of the League, collectively shall establish and update appropriate terms of reference, as required, and as subsequently approved by the Board of Director for the respective positions on the Board of Directors and their respective duties and responsibilities, in addition to insuring the fulfillment of the objectives of the League, shall be as follows:


  a) A President shall preside at all general meetings of the League and at all meetings of the Board of Directors and shall be charged with the general supervision of all activities of the League. He/She shall be required to call a meeting of the Board of Directors at any time upon the request of three directors. The President shall be ex-officio a member of all committees.                                                


  b) A Vice-President shall preside at all general meetings of the League and all meetings of the Board of Directors in the absence of the President, and shall represent the League, as determined from time to time, on outside committees or councils of which the League is a member. He/She shall be responsible for the supervision and co-ordination of those committees / activities of the League which fall in his/her area of responsibility and in addition he/she shall be ex-officio a member of all such committees.                                                                                                                                                                                          


  c) A Secretary shall be responsible for all books and records of the League and shall keep the minutes of all general meetings of the League and of all meetings of the Board of Directors, and give notice of all meetings. He/She shall be responsible for all correspondence, and shall have charge of the seal of the League, which seal whenever used shall be authenticated by the signature of the Secretary and the President.                                                                                                          


  d) A Treasurer shall be responsible for the finances of the League and shall keep proper books of account, receipts and vouchers of the same. The Treasurer shall be responsible for obtaining an audited statement from the approve auditors on finances of the League and for the presentation of such audited statements to annual October general meeting for the preceding fiscal year. He/She shall report the financial standing of the League to every general meeting.                 


  e) The Immediate Past President of the League shall sit on the Executive Board in an advisory capacity.                                                                                           




39) a)The League shall maintain a bank account and whenever possible make all expenditures by cheque.


  b) All bills, notes, cheques other papers and documents which pertain to the finances of the League shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other signing authority.                                                                                                                              


  c) No two (2) members of the/a family shall have signing authority.            


  d) The Treasurer shall keep proper financial records in order to be able to advice the Board of Directors at any time of the financial position of the League.


  e) The accounts of the League shall be internally audited each year. The accounts of the league shall be audited every 3 years, prior to the Annual General Meeting, by an external appointed auditor.                                                                      


  f) The fiscal year of the League shall end on the 15th day of April of each year.


  g) The books and records of the League may be inspected by any 2 members in good standing of the League, given 21 days written notice. Each member of the Board of Directors shall at all times have access to such books and records.                                                                                                                                            


  h) All proposals, except the annual budget, necessitating the spending of an amount of League funds exceeding $1000.00 in any fiscal year shall be dealt with by special motion.                                                                                            



40) Subject to compliance with these bylaws, a committee may adopt such rules and    regulations for the internal administration of such committee as it may deem appropriate, provided however, that such rules and regulations shall be subject to review and amendment at any time by motion of the Board of Directors. A committee chairperson/s, as established in the terms of reference, shall be elected by members of a committee.                


  a) The League in general meetings and/or the Board of Directors may create from time to time, such special committees as may be deemed to be necessary to carry out such functions and otherwise act in accordance with such motion as may, from time to time be passed.                                                                                                              


41) Each director shall be responsible to the Board of Directors for the actions of his/her committee. A Director shall not make any contractual or financial arrangements on behalf of his/her committees of the League except to the extent previously authorized by the Board of Directors, or in the event of an emergency, with the approval of the President and Treasurer, which approval shall be subject to review and ratification by the Board of Directors at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.                                     




42) No member of the Board of Directors shall be entitled to receive any remuneration for the duties of his/her office.                                                                                                




43) For the purpose of carrying out its objectives, the League, with the authority of a special motion, may borrow, raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as it thinks fit and in particular by the issue of debentures. This motion must be approved by the membership at large at a general meeting. The signing authority for this clause shall be the League Officers, two of three namely President, Secretary or Treasurer.        




44) In the case of a dispute over the interpretation of any aspect of these bylaws, the Executive shall have the authority to make the decision as to which interpretation will be used.